• How Long Does it Take to Develop Symptoms After COVID-19 Exposure?

    Understanding the Incubation Period of COVID-19 The incubation period refers to the time between the initial exposure to a virus and the onset of symptoms. In the case of COVID-19, the incubation period can vary from person to person and typically ranges from 2 to 14 days, with an average of 5 to 7 days. During this period, an infected…

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  • How Long Can You Test Positive for COVID-19?

    Understanding COVID-19 Testing and Results COVID-19 testing is the primary way to diagnose an individual who has been infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The testing process involves taking a sample of respiratory secretions from the nose or throat, which is then analyzed in a laboratory for the presence of the virus. There are two main types of COVID-19 tests: viral…

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